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Dear Affiliate,

Welcome to Affiliate Program. We set this program up for you to make some extra money while offering valuable information to your friends and networks. You have the opportunity to earn up to $1,000 each month (plus $1.5 Instant Bonus after registering!!!).

Words to Note (and their meanings):

Affiliate ID: This is a unique number attached to you immediately you register on our platform. You must use it on all of your marketing or affiliate promotions so that our systems can recognize you. It is safe to use and does not reveal any sensitive information about your account.

Referral URL: This is the default link that is attached to your Affiliate account. You can share this link to your networks. It already includes your Affiliate ID. It directs all of your visitors to our homepage Your referral URL is at your Affiliate Area.

Referral URL Generator: Apart from the Referral URL, you may want to share other links throughout our website to your networks. For example, a scholarship or job opportunity is out and you want to share it to others while using your affiliate account. All you have to do is copy and paste the link, in this example (the scholarship or job opportunity) into the Page URL, then click on “Generate URL“. In one second, your Referral URL will be generated and you can share it anywhere.

Campaign Name (optional): If you intend to run multiple campaigns or links, then this is for you. Creating and running Campaigns helps you to monitor the performance of each link you shared on your program. For example, If I created a campaign named “first“, I can check its statistics accruing from it alone apart from another of my campaign named “second“. Therefore, it means you can evaluate the performance of each link or campaign you have and possibly improve on them. This is optional, in that it is not required and does not in anyway affect your total affiliate statistics and analysis.

Visits: This is the total number of visitors that entered our website using your Referral ID. Any fraudulent attempt to cheat our systems is automatically flagged and you might be penalized. Don’t use your referral URLs yourself, only share it to others! Our counter is very accurate and detects fraud. Your goal is to have thousands/millions of visitors using your Referral URL.

Conversion Rate: We have created special and unique mechanisms to calculate your conversion rate. We can not disclose them publicly that so that no one can find a way to cheat the systems. Your Conversion Rate (Total & Campaign-based) is calculated automatically and it is updated every 60-seconds. Ensure that your visitors are not robots. While you may buy visitors from outside, ensure that they are NOT ROBOTS and are actually VISITORS.

Creatives (optional): These are promotional tools ready-made for use on your websites/blogs. All you have to do is insert the HTML code for each creatives into your pages or posts. With that, you can attract traffic using our tools with your referral URL embedded in them. This is optional and only meant for website/blog owners.

Earnings: Your Earnings are updated every Monday by 0800 GMT. They are based on a number of factors such as your Visits, Conversion Rate, Commission Rate and our other own algorithms factors. The default threshold for payment is $10. Whenever you reach the default threshold, you will receive a mail from us informing you that we are proceeding with the payment. Please ensure your Payment Email in Settings is correct. Payment is made everyday provided you reach the Payment threshold of $10.

If you have any further questions, please write to our Affiliate Support below:

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